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Siberian Seductress

our session ignites depending on the tantalizing allure of your application. 

Declining to complete the initial application will result in the inability to book a session. 

Review the guidelines for sessions. 
  1. Kindly maintain politeness, respect, and thoroughness in all interactions. 

  2. Please communicate using proper grammar and punctuation whenever possible. If English isn't your first language, I'm understanding and won't penalize for mistakes. 

  3. I prefer to be addressed as Mistress Oxana or Mistress, or Goddess. Terms like Sexy Babe are not acceptable. 

  4. If you're fortunate enough to possess my phone number, please refrain from unnecessary texting and absolutely no calls without prior scheduling. Text messages are reserved solely for arranging appointments 

  5. I kindly request that you refrain from attempting to negotiate my rates, boundaries, or protocols. 

  6. Scheduling a typical session should not require more than seven emails. By the fourth or fifth email exchange, a deposit should already be arranged. 

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